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Posted: June 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s finally official… we live in Boulder.  It seems like the road has been so rocky getting here, and yet from the moment we arrived, we have felt like this is home.  I suppose we feel that way, because God has neatly carved out a little place for us here in Boulder.  We still have an overwhelming amount of things to do, but each day has been instrumental.

Ben began his job on Monday.  He is working at Boulder Toyota (on a sidenote: if you need a new car… well, I’m just saying).  He gets to interact with tons of people and the job is always changing pace – we really believe that God gave him this, and we are abundantly thankful. I also got a job.  I will be working at the St. Vrain Family Center, working with adult parenting classes.  The part that I am the most excited about is being able to teach my own parenting class to a group of teen moms and dads.  A lot of my work will be done through working alongside community partners, so I will really get to be part of the community and get to know a lot of the community.  One of the most incredible aspects of the job is that I will get to work primarily from home.  My biggest prayer throughout this process has been my plea to stay home with the girls.  I have loved being able to be there for them throughout the day, and I really didn’t want to go back to putting them in daycare.

We spend most of our free-time getting out into the community.  We go to parks, bookstores, Pearl St. (the downtown of Boulder), stores, etc….  We are just trying to meet as many people as possible and we are praying for God to place the right people in our path.  So far, that prayer has been answered.  We want every outing to be intentional and we are striving to be intentional about everything we do.  Our constant prayer is for God to give us Divine appointments with people.

It’s only been a week, but we are eager to begin our first official Bible study.  Ben has been meeting with individuals who are interested in joining our Bible study and it feels like we receive new names of individuals every week.  We are settling into our Boulder life rather quickly, and we know that it’s because God wants us to jump into this thing with both feet.  So in the next few weeks, our primary goal is to launch our first Bible study.

Please pray for us as we continue this process.  Pray that every encounter would be of God and that we would have boldness and wisdom as we approach people. Please pray that God would multiply Ben’s time and that we would be able to balance family, work and the Church.  And pray for the people who will be attending the Bible studies for MyChurch; pray for unity in our group and pray that each of us would feel a sense of urgency to reach this community.

We are so excited for what God is doing, and we are thankful that it has only taken us a couple days to adjust and begin meeting new people.  We cannot wait to begin to deeply fellowship with those who will help lay the foundation for MyChurch.  It’s exciting, overwhelming and even scary… which is why we have had to surrender each day to God in complete faith that He is the one who is planting this church and He is the one who will produce the fruit.


MyChurch Boulder

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Church names are typically chosen because of the vision of the pastor and/or the community they are trying to reach.  When it came to choosing a name for our church, we thought of so many names but never really had a peace about any of them.  As we prayed about it, we asked ourselves, “what is our vision?” and “what do we feel God has called us to do?”  Ultimately, our vision is to see people grow in their walk with Jesus, be a part of their local church and reach their community; or… Belong to Christ, Belong to the Church, and Belong the community.  

Boulder is a unique city that stands alone.  It is very liberal, unreached, and has an unchurched culture.  

In Matthew 16:18 Jesus says, “and on this rock I will build My church..”  As we prayed about the name of the church, one name stood out- MyChurch.  The desire is that our congregants would understand that church is not about a weekly Sunday morning service, but rather, it is about working together to be the body of Christ – to be the church.  Each individual makes up the church and every person has unique giftings; when we use these gifts for God’s glory, we function as a healthy body (1 Cor. 12:12) – we are many parts, but one body.    We desire for everyone to know that they are the church and every time they say our name they will affirm this.